Scientists, athletes, and coaches are taking a closer look at the effects that sex, masturbation, and orgasm have on our physical bodies in the short term. If you’re an athlete or follow sports, you have probably heard of how Muhammad Ali abstained from any sexual activity for two months before each fight.

Aaron Rodgers won’t have sex within 36 hours of a football game. The legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Rickson Gracie, who went undefeated in his career, abstained from sex and masturbation for weeks before each fight.

Other legends like Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao all have said similar things. The list goes on and on for the highest level male athletes.

That being said, scientists are looking at the chemical changes that occur in the mind and body following orgasm and sex. The results are quite different than the common belief that abstinence will improve your game.

Using Fleshlights in Place of Sex

For male athletes, abstaining from sex before a fight or game is a common occurrence. However, while sex may be off the table, using sex toys such as Fleshlights for orgasm can improve your game. While swflbadminton may focus on the games, friendlyhostility has a great write-up on Fleshlight Reviews. They also have a slew of other sex toy’s not just for men, but for women too.

Why Athletes Abstain

The most common reasons why male athletes abstain from sex are as follows

  • Sex uses a ton of energy. Sex is both a mentally and physically draining experience. Abstaining the day of a big game is a good idea, scientists and athletes agree.
  • MYTH – Testosterone production is higher when you haven’t orgasmed recently. This is wholly false according to the review of sports and sex studies. In four separate studies, scientists could find no difference between an athlete who abstained or had sex the night before competing.
  • Sex reduces aggression. The mental state following lovemaking produces chemicals in the brain that do reduce stress, tension, and aggression.


The idea that we can box every athlete and person up into a neat little box is far from the truth. Sex and orgasm will affect everyone slightly different. Try both scenarios and note which one gives you the most positive effects. There are definitely positive and negative truths and myths on both sides of the argument. Using sex toys may reduce the negative effects of orgasm. Protection Status